Police say they're investigating two break-ins at the Kent, England, home where TV presenter, model, and socialite Peaches Geldof died last month.

Last Friday, thieves damaged the CCTV at the house, which Geldof shared with her two young children and her husband, Thomas Cohen. Police arrived within 5 minutes, and no personal items were reported stolen.

A month ago, someone raided the property and stole a lawnmower.

Peaches, 25, was found dead in a bedroom at the house April 7, and an inquest later determined heroin "was likely to have played a role." Drug paraphernalia was found in the house after her death and, despite rumors that her husband was being investigated for providing the heroin, police say he is under no suspicion.

There is an ongoing investigation into the source of the drugs.

[Photo: AP Images]