A dramatic trophy shot dubbed "photo of the year" by an Australian radio station shows a rural Victoria fisherman fighting his way out of large shark, SyFy-style.

"This fellow has decided as a jape to climb inside the shark with a knife, put his hand through the gills of the shark and pretended to stab it between the eyes," said 3AW Breakfast host John Burns.

A pal of Burns' who was a witness to the set up later hung the photo up at Gippsland's Metung Hotel, where he works.

"An American couple have turned up at the Metung Hotel to see this photo," Burns recounted, "and their immediate response from the wife was 'Did he survive!?'."

"Yes," deadpanned the fisherman, who was standing right behind them.

[H/T: Arbroath via Nerdcore, photo via 3AW]