A Florida pilot out for a jaunt in his private two-seater yesterday took an unusual path from Kissimee toward Florida's western coast, dipping south toward Lakeland, and then suddenly heading due Nort—he drew a big dick in the sky, okay? That's what I'm getting at. His flight path was 20 miles of penis and testes. He was the captain, welcoming himself aboard the nonstop to donger city.

This fine achievement in amateur aerial dickography was captured by flight tracking site Flightradar24, which had noted a recent uptick in pilots drawing pictures with their GPS units:

"Last few weeks we have tracked a couple flights that were trying to draw a flower on Flightradar24. It looks like one pilot in Florida yesterday decided to draw something different..."

Indeed, it was different. The main difference being: It was a sky-dick.

[Image: Flightradar24/Facebook]