A pilot flying a Flybe plane with 47 passengers aboard learned an important lesson on a flight to Northern Ireland: always make sure your arm is attached before landing.

An unnamed 46-year-old pilot was landing a Dash 8 plane at Belfast City Airport in gusty weather conditions when his lower left arm prosethetic became detached from its yoke clamp and he lost control, according to recent report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

The senior captain who was described in the report as one of Flybe's "most experienced and trusted pilots" was manually flying the plane when a flare maneuver caused his arm to detach, the BBC reports. There wasn't enough time, he determined, to have the co-pilot take control. Instead the captain used his right hand to grab the yoke and safely land the aircraft – albeit with a bounce after touchdown.

The incident occurred in February and no one was hurt.

(Image via AP)