Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, aunt of Prince George, and distant salutatorian of the Middleton School for Marriageable Girls is engaged to be married to her boyfriend Nico Jackson, according to Us Weekly.

Jackson, a banker, reportedly proposed to Middleton earlier this month while the couple were on vacation in India (and probably always has lollipops in his pockets). When informed of the news, the Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have responded: Oh my God, Pippa, that's so funny! I knew you would find someone to do it eventually. Ha ha ha. Do you want to wear this old dress of mine to the wedding? It's a bit big for me. I actually have to dash off to an event now. You can stay here if you like but please remember to turn off all the lights before you go because last time you didn't. OK, thanks, bye!

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