If you thought yogurtmania had already reached its inevitable fever pitch, you clearly haven't been eating enough yogurt to keep your brain strong. Now, instead of just eating all those active cultures in Fage and two-bit hack yogurt Chobani, you can rub Greek yogurt all over your body for cleanliness and moisturizing.

Major soap brand Dial announced their new line of Greek yogurt and "FroYo"-themed body washes, soaps, and lotions in February, but it looks like they're just starting to get traction among informal yogurt lobbyists and eaters now.

From Dial's website on their line of Greek Yogurt Vanilla Honey body washes:


With two times the protein nourishment of ordinary yogurt, this ultra-hydrating body wash conditions skin to help it retain natural moisture. Its rich lather rinses clean, for lasting refreshment skin needs to stay healthy.

And for the health-conscious, who'd prefer a few less calories in their cleansing routine, there's always FroYo Cooling Body Wash:

Inspired by your favorite frozen treat, this oh-so-cool body wash lathers up with a sensational chill, and rinses away to reveal deliciously soft skin. Rich in healthy moisture with skin-conditioning yogurt proteins, it's a refreshing way to wake up your skin!

Dial M for make me a raft and send me to out to sea.


[Image via Dial]