A plane carrying a second American Ebola patient landed this morning in Maine from Liberia. The private jet—the same that carried Dr. Kent Brantly to the States over the weekend—will refuel and fly to Atlanta, where the patient, Nancy Writebol, will join Brantly in a specially designed branch of Emory University Hospital.

Brantly and Writebol contracted the disease while treating patients in Liberia with Christian charity groups. Both have reportedly shown marked improvement since being treated with a secret, experimental serum last Thursday.

Meanwhile, doctors in New York City and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia await word on Ebola tests performed on two patients who recently returned from West Africa with symptoms of the deadly virus, though the New York doctors now believe it's "unlikely" that their patient is infected.

UPDATE 1:02 pm: Nancy Writebol has arrived at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

[Image via AP]