Following a delayed investigation and police inaction over the rape of a 6-year-old girl in Bangalore, authorities in India have arrested a man accused of the crime, discovering in the process that his phone and laptop were full of child pornography. The man was a skating instructor at the child's school.

The rape happened on July 2 and it took the school and police more than a week to initiate an investigation. Angry protests in Bangalore forced the school into seeking justice for the young girl, who was allegedly raped when she left her classroom to use the restroom.

Mustaffa, the 31-year-old man arrested in the case, had his belongings searched, which led police to find his stores of child pornography on his mobile phone and laptop.

Via the Times of India:

As protests demanding answers from the police and the government over alleged inaction intensified, Bangalore Police commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar announced the arrest of Mustaffa after interrogation of eight people, who were detained for questioning.

"Mustaffa, 31, is the main accused. He was arrested after interrogation," additional commissioner of police (Crime) Pranab Mohanty told PTI, adding this would lead to more arrests in the case.

According to a report in the Associated Press, school officials had allegedly tried to cover up the rape, causing many protestors to demand prosecution for the school's administration, as well as the rapist.

Via the AP:

The parents have said they will keep their children out of school until steps are in place to ensure their safety.

Police said eight members of the school's staff had been detained for questioning. The protesters squatted outside a police station and refused to move until Bangalore's police chief assured them the suspects would be arrested.

The accused rapist will appear before a court on Monday.

[Image via AP]