A Kentucky jail inmate is under investigation for murder after he allegedly shared his contraband drug-soaked underwear with a cellmate, who died of a methadone overdose.

Jessamine County jailers said Michael Jones, 55, soaked the underpants in liquid methadone during a temporary funeral leave from the county detention center, and wore them when he returned. He allegedly ripped up the dosed undies and shared them with cellmates, including 33-year-old Corey McQueary.

McQueary alerted jail staff that he felt ill on the evening of Aug. 20, but he didn't tell them what he had eaten. He died the following morning in the medical isolation area.

Jessamine County Jailer Jon Sallee told News 4 San Antonio that Jones' method of smuggling in drugs was almost impossible to detect.

"Contraband is a constant problem at any facility across the state. You can do everything that you can do, you know strip searches, not allowed to bring anything such as books or any other paraphernalia into the facility," he said.

Jones has now been charged with McQueary's murder.

[h/t Arbroath, Photos of McQueary (right) and Jones (left) via Lex18]