A teen girl caught on camera slapping a woman in the face with a large fish is wanted by police, who have declared her behavior "completely unacceptable."

The girl approached a 52-year-old fishmonger at a supermarket in Lancashire, England, and asked a few seafood-related questions before picking up "a large bream" and fish-whacking her in the face without warning. The attacker ran out of the shop with another teenager, who is also wanted by the local constabulary.

The fish-slap was captured on CCTV, and the victim believes the second teen filmed it on his mobile phone. Video of the incident has yet to surface online, forcing fans of fish-related violence to continue watching Monty Python's "fish-slapping dance" sketch on a loop until this latest footage inevitably lands on Vine.

[H/T: BBC, Photo Credit: Lancashire Constabulary]