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Remember Jim Gilmore? Neither does the Republican Party.

Gilmore, the sad, sweet man who once governed the state of Virginia, ran for the Republican nomination for president this year, garnering a grand total of 145 votes in Iowa and New Hampshire before suspending his campaign in February. Perhaps as a sort of consolation prize, he had hoped to be named as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, but was shut out after proposing his name in the Virginia state convention this weekend, the Washington Post reports.

The reason had to do with the heated battle over the fate of the nomination, which presumably ended today after Ted Cruz and John Kasich both removed themselves from the running. Cruz supporters were attempting to load the delegate slate with people who would vote for him on a second ballot at the RNC if Trump did not win the full 1,237 delegates. Gilmore isn’t an avowed Trump supporter, but he isn’t a Cruz supporter either, meaning he wasn’t particularly valuable to either side. He told the Post that he had been “informally assured” of his delegate status, but that “strong-arm tactics at the convention” forced him out.

A sad day indeed for Jim Gilmore. If you happen to see him skulking around like a bored teenager with nothing to do in Cleveland this July, now you know why. Give him a hug for me.