If there was anything in our present world that most closely resembled a futuristic dystopia, it would be IKEA.

With the cold, antiseptic, dollhouse-for-humans vibe of its individual showrooms, to the seemingly endless labyrinth of one-size-fits-all furniture with intentionally unintelligible names.

Now add a layer of claustrophobia to the mix, and you might as well take your mind-altering drugs, work hard, increase production, prevent accidents and be happy.

Or, failing that, start freaking out — which is exactly what these folks did once they were trapped inside one of IKEA's model living cubes by the guys from Ylvis (of What Does The Fox Say fame).

Of course, this being Norway, the marks didn't so much "freak out" as "politely attempt to start a mild ruckus before ultimately giving in and welcoming their new IKEA overlords."

And, in case you missed it, here's Alfonso Cuarón’s IKEA — a Gravity parody which was inspired by the prank above, if not directly, then certainly in spirit:

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