The Royals are expected to do something now and then, and nothing says "I happen to be partying in New York" like Prince Harry taking a somewhat tardy disaster tour of the New Jersey shoreline devastated by Hurricane Sandy seven months ago.

Governor Chris Christie did a photo op with the possible future king of England, because why not, and Harry looked dumbly at various spots on the sand where various things once stood.

An Associated Press reporter describes the powerful scene:

Earlier, Harry and Christie shook hands with police and first responders during a half hour visit to Mantoloking (man-toh-LOH'-king).

The governor showed the prince where a breach caused by Sandy allowed the Atlantic Ocean to cascade into Barnegat Bay.

Harry couldn't believe a house once stood on the spot.

"That spot's too little for a house," Harry said, probably. And then the half-hour visit was over, and Harry went back to counting his money.

[Photo via Getty Images.]