It turns out not even an honest-to-goodness Princess can successfully pull off the "don't you know who I am" line in order to get out of a traffic ticket.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden was reportedly stopped by a traffic cop in Stockholm and written up for driving in a lane reserved for public transportation.

According to law enforcement sources who spoke with Aftonbladet, the 30-year-old princess initially managed to evade the fine by insisting she had immunity, but has since been ordered to pay up after traffic police called shenanigans on her claim.

The laws of Sweden state that only the King is immune from traffic tickets.

"We will now be issuing a fine of 1,000 kronor ($151) retroactively," said traffic police rep Lars Lindholm.

The Royal Court has issued a statement of its own saying the princess didn't say she was immune, but merely pointed out that the Royal Court car she was driving was legally allowed to use the bus lane.

As of now, the fine stands.

Princess Madeleine is scheduled to marry New York banker Christopher O'Neill this weekend at Stockholm's Royal Chapel.

[photo via AP]