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A full-on Internet manhunt is currently underway for a young man who callously assaulted a street performer in broad daylight, and then uploaded footage of the attack to his Facebook page.

Video of the incident, which reportedly took place this weekend near the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, England, began to spread quickly across the web after being shared by the website I Am Birmingham.

Footage recorded by the assailant's accomplice clearly shows the man approach a street performer dressed as a Predator alien and push him violently onto onlookers.

The unidentified performer, a New Street staple for the past few months, is believed to be OK, as is the child he was hurled into by the attacker.

Though the original upload has since been removed from the perp's Facebook page, copies were uploaded to YouTube and forwarded to the local police department.

In response to Twitter requests for updates on the investigation, the West Midlands Police said it had been "making enquiries," but has yet to receive a formal complaint from the victim.

It is more than likely that the individuals involved have since gone into hiding after a Birmingham nightclub was able to crowdsource the attacker's personal info by offering six months of no cover charge in exchange for a name.

That information has also been forwarded to the police.

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