Well-known shirtless outdoorsman stock photography model Vladimir Putin had a little fun today, telling a Russian audience that he thinks Barack Obama would totally rescue him if he started drowning.

Putin, who also finally confirmed Russian forces had actively supported Crimean separatists, gave the interview after a much-disputed private phone call with Obama on Monday.

In an article about the world leaders' "Game of He Said/He Said," the New York Times noted that the White House described the call as primarily Obama lecturing Putin, while Putin described it as primarily a demand for American support in Ukraine.

But that's all business. When asked if he thought Obama would save him from drowning, Putin had a much more favorable opinion.

"Besides intergovernmental relationships, there are personal relationships," Putin said. "I am not saying we have some special relationships with the president of the U.S. but I think he is a decent and quite courageous person. I think he would do it."

"I can feel it in the air tonight," Obama presumably didn't say to anyone, probably not adding, "Oh lord."

[image via AP]