What is it about Kate Middleton's lovely face that makes it impossible to register as anything other than nightmarish when rendered artistically?

Today's frightening depiction of the Cambridge family comes in the form of 15 tons of cheese-colored sand. It was unleashed upon the world as part of the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival and took five days to carve. It depicts Prince William as a 60-year-old sex predator rubbing himself into the backside of his leering beach-witch wife. At the crone's breast, she holds a babe—presumably the antichrist. Below the waist, the figures fuse into a single family member.

In the photo, gray clouds of doom gather ominously over the grinning family. This image has been doctored...BY SATAN.


(It's an undoctored photo.)

For pictures of the sculpture in progress, check out the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival's Facebook page.

[h/t ITV // Image via Brighton Sand Sculpture/Facebook]

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