"Gerry Adjmi," the young man recently seen in a viral video claiming that his father "owns half of Manhattan" and "owns the cops," is not who he said he was. He is, according to The Smoking Gun, an NYU student, New Jerseyite, possible humanitarian, and definite insufferable prick named Gerry Shalam.

Based on the report, Shalam's father is not a real estate mogul: He's a "garment industry executive." Shalam's mother serves on the zoning and planning board in the family's hometown of Allenhurst, N.J.

There is a member of the Adjmi family (who are prominent in the real estate business, but do not own half of Manhattan) in the infamous video, but it's not the kid arguing with the cameraman. It's the guy passing out on the sidewalk in the background.


Shalam, 20, is also not, as he claims in the video, "a fucking lawyer."

TSG reports he's actually a member of NYU's class of 2017 whose accomplishments include co-founding a charitable organization called Brothers Helping Others that helps low-income immigrant families in Asbury Park, New Jersey. (A search of New Jersey's directory of registered charities turned up no information on the organization.)


Shalam is also a former thespian. At age 13, he played the Scarecrow in a community center production of "Hip Hop Wiz," a Wizard of Oz adaptation produced by his mother.

Could anyone tell, as they watched young Gerry's "unbelievable hip hop dance routines," that they were looking at the future heir to half of fucking Manhattan?

[H/T The Smoking Gun]