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Appearing on The View this week (as most politicians do), Rand Paul was asked to explain his defense of semi-automatic weapons in the face of their perpetual use as murder tools.

In his condescending comparison for the ladies, Paul explains that regulating the use and sale of firearms would be tantamount to the president unilaterally censoring speech:

“Let’s say we had a terrible president that you didn’t like from another party and that president said, The View, oh you should hear the things they’re saying on The View! We should limit their speech, we should register the journalists, and then we should have an approval board…and that’s silly! We would all be opposed to that… but that’s the danger of letting a president make the rules.”

Though it seems like the real danger would be a president who is regularly watching The View. Paul’s analogy analogy was followed by a discussion with Paul’s wife about her new book and the importance of friendship.

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