Tucked inside the most talked about art house movie of the year is a lengthy lesbian sex scene that seems to be all anyone wants to talk about.

Since Blue Is the Warmest Color took home the Palme d'Or at Cannes, all you ever hear about the acclaimed French coming-of-age drama is "creative scissoring" this and "fake genitalia" that.

In an effort to douse the critics with some long overdue cold water, filmmaker Yeni Sleidi teamed up with LGBT art mag Posture to get some first-hand reactions to Blue's bluest scenes from some real-life lesbians.

Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk collected some choice responses from the best reaction video yet, a few of which are repeated below:

They end up resting in the other person’s asshole. That’s not a sign of a successful encounter.

I thought it was hot at the beginning, and then it got ridiculous when they kept switching sex positions every ten seconds, and it it started to feel like an infomercial for a kitchen product, where they try and showcase all the things it can do. ‘It can chop, it can slice, it can dice, it can puree, it can eat out your asshole.’

I loved the movie, I have to say. The scissoring, I wish it could happen. Never happened once in human history. I’d rather go eat a Baskin N Robbins ice cream cone.

I think it was pretty boring. And I think it was pretty obviously two straight women attempting to have sex on camera for the first time ever.

I thought Emma [Seydoux] had this manic panic hair and looked like a rave girl from Liverpool in 1997, and that’s just not attractive to anyone.

[Is that what lesbian sex is really like?] “It’s what we’d *hope* it to be like. In real lesbian sex, there’s a lot more crying.

Blue Is the Warmest Color can now be seen in select theaters across the country.