A 35-year-old registered sex offender has been arrested after Ohio police found three bodies wrapped in plastic in the same 300-yard radius on Friday and Saturday. All three victims are believed to be black females who were killed in the last six to ten days.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said the suspect, who has not been charged yet, might have been inspired by serial killer Anthony Sowell, who was convicted of murdering 11 women and hiding their bodies in his home.

"[The suspect] said some things that led us to believe that in some way, shape, or form, Sowell might be an influence," Norton told the AP.

Police are continuing the search for more victims after the suspect allegedly hinted that there could be more bodies in the area. One body was found in a garage on Friday. On Saturday, police discovered a second body in a nearby backyard and a third body in the basement of a vacant house. According to police, the bodies were wrapped in trash bags and left in a fetal position.

The area, which has many vacant homes, made news earlier this year when police discovered that Ariel Castro allegedly kidnapped three women and held them hostage in his Cleveland home for years.

[via, image via AP]