Photo: AP

Remember French blue shirts?

Remember filmstrips?

Remember Christmas?

Remember Breaking Bad?

Remember the Audi TT?

Remember Puff Daddy?

Remember the 2004-2008 Detroit Pistons?

Remember Meg Ryan?

Remember Portland, Oregon?

Remember Earth Day?

Remember gypsy moth caterpillars?

Remember Netscape?

Remember Skylab?

Remember the Stone Roses?

Remember hood ornaments?

Remember sriracha?

Remember Princess Diana?

Remember Thought Catalog?

Remember pectoral implants?

Remember Shakespeare in Love?

Remember Arsenio?

Remember East Germany?

Remember exposed brick?

Remember brushed nickel?

Remember the Bicentennial?

Remember slideshows?

Remember CB radio?

Remember Christopher Hitchens?

Remember Lucky magazine?

What do you remember?