Illinois' newest menace is a group of three men called the Miley Cyrus Gang, who are alleged to have beaten multiple people in the city of Joliet this week. Why are they called the Miley Cyrus gang? Well, because before they pick fights, they "start talking about Miley Cyrus."

The trio—Daniel Lahey, 26, Robert Krapil, 27, and Ryan Elliot, 27—were arrested and charged with simple battery after attacking a man and a separate couple at a bar earlier this week. According to one of the victims, Donnie Rice, the Miley Cyrus Gang spouted racial slurs at a Mexican man before attacking him and his girlfriend. Rice says he spoke with a detective after the fact to stress that the beatings—which he says were racially motivated—warranted stronger charges.

The three men allegedly picked a similar fight on the same grounds last weekend when they attacked a man at Lety's Place after again "starting to talk about Miley Cyrus." No charges were brought after that incident.

Miley Cyrus, presumably, does not approve.

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