Incredibly, Ted Cruz—a man who memorized the Constitution in high school and has not let go of that fact since—has a unique way of relieving stress: Annoying the hell out of his wife.

“He’ll call me and just sing me a Broadway tune,” Heidi Cruz volunteered to a rally yesterday in New Hampshire. According to the New York Times, the sonic attacks can occur without warning, “right before one of these debates” or “in a stressful moment in a state.”

That Ted Cruz is not popular amongst his peers is clear—this is a man whose former classmates have intermittently described as “abrasive,” “intense,” “strident,” “crank,” “arrogant,” and “creepy”—but certainly his wife finds his personality charming?


It is usually well received — “he never ceases to defuse a stressful moment with a moment of levity,” Mrs. Cruz said — but not always.

“I’m thinking, ‘I’m on a finance call right now,’ ” Mrs. Cruz recalled. “Do you really need to be doing this?”

“Do you really need to be doing this”—a question Ted Cruz arguably doesn’t contemplate enough.