In keeping with the tradition of elaborate public marriage proposals, Maryanne Firth, a reporter for the Welland Tribune in Canada, was shocked to discover that the man placing pink heart signs all over town—which she had been reporting on for weeks—was her fiancé-to-be.

Firth filed a blog post to the Welland Tribune at the start of her investigation:

The plywood squares, each painted white with a large bright pink heart, appeared carefully staked in the ground on a number of busy roads.

They've become the talk of the community, with people questioning their meaning and origin.

Some believe it's a way to spread love through the city, others question whether it's a business or election ploy.

And as reporters often do, she turned to Twitter for possible answers to the mystery of the pink hearts:

A new sign was posted outside the Welland Tribune offices Sunday afternoon with a time for the next day at a park, where Firth met a man with a box on his head handing out flowers under a tent. When Firth approached, her boyfriend of eight years, Ryan St. Denis, completed his weeks-long proposal. From Firth's story today:

He handed one to me — a sweet, but familiar gesture — and then continued passing them out to others.

Then he gathered up the remaining flowers into a bouquet and turned to me.

He removed the disguise.

This was the man who I've loved for the past eight years. Who I've built a life with.

This was all for me.

Ryan got down on one knee and as I tried unsuccessfully to hold back tears, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

No pressure, right?

Of course I was ecstatic. Shaking. Crying. Of course I said Yes!

[H/T BuzzFeed; Images via Maryanne Firth/Welland Tribune]