With pressure mounting from major corporations, Republicans have suddenly become very critical of SB 1062, the Arizona bill passed last week that would allow businesses with "strongly held religious beliefs" to discriminate against LGBT customers. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has until February 28 to veto the bill before it becomes law.

On Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh complained that Brewer was being "bullied" to veto the bill "in order to advance the agenda."

If so, those "bullies" looking to "advance the gay agenda" now include prominent Republicans from across the country, including Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake:

Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich

And three Republican state senators in Arizona who now say they regret voting for the bill.

"I think laws are (already) on the books that we need, and have now seen the ramifications of my vote," State Sen. Bob Worsley told The Associated Press earlier this week. "I feel very bad, and it was a mistake."

Why the sudden change of heart? Money. More specifically, criticism from major corporations, including Apple, American Airlines, and the NFL, which could pull the 2015 Super Bowl from the state if the bill isn't vetoed.

"This is going to hurt the state of Arizona's economy and, frankly, our image, so I hope the governor of Arizona will veto this and we move on," McCain told CNN.

The pressure seems to be working. According to NBC News, Brewer is "likely" to veto the bill before Friday's deadline.

[Image via AP]