A pan-Asian restaurant in Hockessin, Delaware, is attempting to rebuild its reputation after it spent the last several months attacking customers on social networks using curse words and racial slurs.

By far the most offensive remark was posted to Padi manager Aaron Kwan's official Instagram account.

Underneath a photo of a customer's receipt showing a 10% tip on a $53 meal, Kwan wrote "What do you expect from a last name like that? Sand niggers will never change #cheap #jew."

At least two other customers were treated to similar insults for leaving what the restaurant apparently deemed too small a tip.

And insulting comments about patrons were also posted on the establishment's Facebook page.

"Whoever just ordered takeout, came in and opened it up. Sat down on a table and got plates, drinks and ate it. In the end didn’t even bother tipping a single dollar," read a Facebook post from three weeks ago. "Whoever that is, you need to learn how to respect others."

Both the Instagram account and the Facebook page have since been deleted.

Reached for comment by The News Journal, Kwan insisted he didn't remember writing the offensive posts.

Even though he is responsible for managing the restaurant's online presence, Kwan said at least six other employees have access to those accounts.

"Um, I don’t recall that," he told the paper. "I have to look through that. I mean, I have the right to take all of this down. It’s not me, probably. I don’t have a computer right now."

Padi's owner (and Kwan's aunt) Eve Teoh formally apologized to her customers, adding that she wasn't aware that the social network accounts associated with her restaurant were being used in this manner.

Kwan has been placed on unpaid leave pending the results of an internal investigation, and Teoh says a "social media consultant" has been hired to "take care of everything in the future."

[screengrabs via NBC10, Delaware Online]