Neighborhood gal Robyn Rihanna Fenty, who has so often in recent memory violated the sanctity of our strip clubs, penguin exhibits, water-damaged basement sex dungeons, and oranges, was asked to leave the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi over the weekend for violating its sanctity with a grown and sexy tasteful upside down fashion shoot.

While Rihanna appears fully covered in the photos later posted to her Instagram account (only the singer's hands and face are bare), her chronic vulnerability to the forces of gravity manifests itself in one shot in the form of a seductive flop next to a marble pool. “Abu Dhabi #NoTanLines” wrote Rihanna on Instagram.

According to the AP, a statement from the mosque published Monday in Abu Dhabi newspapers claimed that Rihanna was asked to leave the premises after posing in an area where visitor access is normally prohibited. While (unlike Miss Universe's recent Taj Mahal shoe ad kerfuffle) the Rihanna shoot appears to have had no objective other than generally promoting the living commercial that is Rihanna, the statement alleged that the shoot violated rules protecting “the status and sanctity” of the site.

The New York Times reports that a representative for Rihanna had no other information on the incident.

Ms. Fenty remains the baddest third semester senior ever sent to detention for NOT GIVIN’ A FUCK; her former classmates are excited to be broadening their horizons and forging close new bonds at college.

[Images via Instagram]