Rihanna may have no problem breaking a teenage fan's heart by encouraging millions of Twitter followers as they gang up on her, but she was quick to make amends for breaking someone's phone last week.

The singer dropped L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff's phone while posing for a selfie at Friday night's Clippers game, cracking the screen. When Rihanna saw Soboroff at the next game Sunday night, he asked her to sign the busted phone so it could be auctioned for a Los Angeles Police Foundation fundraiser. It's now on eBay, with a top bid of more than $55,000. (Hey, it comes with a charger.)

Rihanna also tweeted an apology Monday for dropping the phone, and then made a $25,000 donation of her own to the foundation.

She still hasn't apologized to the #PromBat.

[Photo via eBay]