A teenager in Philadelphia claims he required emergency surgery after police ruptured one of his testicles during a search earlier this month. Police later arrested the 16-year-old and charged him with three misdemeanors.

Darrin Manning, a straight-A student, was reportedly on his way to play basketball with a group of friends on January 7 when one of his friends "caught the attention" of a group of police officers, as the principal of Manning's school put it. When the officers approached, the group took off running. A police wagon soon pulled up on the scene, according to surveillance video from a street camera.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Since the surveillance footage was taken from a street camera that switches angles every 10 seconds, it is difficult to tell exactly what happened during Manning's arrest.

But one segment of the video shows Manning walking around the side of the wagon, where an officer appears to push him up against the vehicle.

Later, Manning can be seen on the ground in what Ramsey called a struggle with officers. Several police cars, lights flashing, idle nearby. In another segment, he is standing, surrounded by officers.

According to Lewis Small, Manning's attorney, a female officer violently pulled on Manning's testicles during the search, causing one to rupture.

"It's horrible. It's sexual assault, as far as I'm concerned," Small said.

Manning underwent emergency surgery the next day and might be sterile as a result, according to Small.

The Phildelpiha Police Department, who charged the 16-year-old with misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault, and resisting arrest, are taking the incident "very seriously," according to Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey.

"We want to piece together what happened," Ramsey said at a press conference, adding that the department's Internal Affairs division had launched an investigation. Small, however, refuses to cooperate until all charges against Manning are dropped.

"I'm not going to allow my client to sit down and give a written statement. That's in effect malpractice by any attorney while criminal charges are outstanding," he said.