Just 11 days after a tornado laid waste to Moore, Oklahoma, multiple—but less intense—tornadoes touched down in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, causing significant damage and injuring residents.

The biggest of the tornadoes that hit tossed the Weather Channel's storm chasing vehicle (above) about 200 yards before barreling toward Oklahoma City, leading authorities to close I-35 and I-40, which were laden with numerous crashes and injured people. Though it's still too early to be absolutely sure, one KFOR reporter estimated the size of that tornado as being a mile wide and registering an F2 or F3 on the Fujita scale, which goes up to 5.

Tornado warnings have gone into effect in Missouri as well. Updates to come.

Update: Here's some crazy video of storm chaser Brandon Sullivan getting chased by a tornado and dodging exploding barns near Union City, Okla., tonight.

Update: NBC News reports that a woman and her infant have been killed, apparently in her car.