Earlier this week, St. James’ Palace and Good Manners Emporium confirmed to the world that when Kate Middleton has her baby in a few weeks, the whole affair is gonna be real cool and classy, not dirty and stupid.

For one thing, the Telegraph reports, the baby’s birth will be announced—not via mass text or Prince William running out into traffic and lobbing cigars at cars—but via a placard placed on a wooden easel in front of Buckingham Palace. The notice will contain information about the baby’s sex, weight and time of birth. It will probably look something like this:

The Palace will not announce the birth on Twitter right away because Twitter is not classy and we’re trying to do this in a real classy way, like Frank Sinatra level of classy. In the words of an aide, “It’s important that this is done with a degree of dignity and with half an eye on the historical significance.”

The Telegraph also reveals that if the baby arrives in the middle of the night, no one will find out about it until the Queen wakes up. The Queen (plus “senior members” of the royal family, and the Middletons) must be notified of the news before it’s made public, but no one is allowed to wake up the Queen just to tell her that the baby has been born.

Also, Kate plans to have a natural birth, they don't know the sex, they don't know the House but they're pulling for Gryffindor, etc.

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