Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the legendary boxer who spent 19 years in prison on murder charges that were later dismissed, died of prostate cancer in his home this morning. He was 76.

Carter was a star boxer during his career, and fought Joey Giardello for the world middleweight title in 1964. In 2004, 19 years after his release from Trenton State Prison in New Jersey, he founded Innocence International, a non-profit that works to overturn potentially wrongful convictions.

Carter told CNN in 2011,

"The system does not like people who say they're innocent in prison, but there has to be a way for innocence to survive in prison. Prison is the lowest level of human existence (you) can exist on without being dead . . . Being able to overcome that, that's the miraculous nature of every human being. It is great, absolutely fantastic."

[Image via AP]