How to Get Someone To Stop Talking By Russell Brand

How to Get Someone To Stop Talking By Russell BrandS

You know that thing where you're getting heckled in a public place? Yes, on the subway. Here are some talking points!

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Russell Brand Shuts a Heckler the Fuck Up In the Nicest Possible Way

Russell Brand named his most recent comedy tour The Messiah Complex Tour, so it stands to reason that he is not one to suffer hecklers gladly.

Especially hecklers who yell out "Gandhi was a cunt" at a man who concludes his stand-up performances by chanting "Hare Krishna."

But rather than eject the disturbance, stoop to their level, or tear them down — all things that would be within Brand's right to do — the comic instead chose an aptly passive-aggressive path, and merely told the heckler to shut the fuck up in the nicest possible way.

If the video above doesn't work in your region, try the one below:

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