Photo via Tustin PD

Do not give any money to Bubba.

Do not mistake the haunted look in Bubba’s eyes for something cuddly or sympathetic. The fact is that Bubba is an addict. Lies are the air that he breathes.

Bubba will do anything for a fix.

Earlier this month, he was picked up in a raid by the Tustin, California Police Department. He had heroin, meth, and nicotine in his system at the time of his arrest. The official line is that “Bubba has been treated for his drug addiction and is doing excellent.”

That is exactly what Bubba would like you to believe.

“Do you have an extra pat on the head? A rub on the tummy? How about one little dog treat? Please? Just one—I promise I’ll pay you back tomorrow.” Sound familiar? These are the sort of entreaties you are likely to hear if you encounter Bubba on the streets today. They are nothing new. Sadly, Bubba is still exhibiting classic addict behavior.

It is tempting to buy into the story that Bubba is a “victim” of owners who fed him illegal drugs. We would all love to believe that Bubba is a good boy. But his needy eyes tell a different story. You may get a pat on the head one day, Bubba. But not yet. Not until you have proved that you have overcome your demons once and for all. I will not have my trust taken advantage of again.

I will not have my Snausages stolen.