A high school in Washington is cracking down on the scourge of sexy dancing Footloose-style by banning all forms of "inappropriate dancing" from school events.

Students at River Ridge High School in Lacey are required to sign a contract promising to avoid "laying on the ground," "touching the ground," "bending over 45 degrees," or otherwise dancing in a way "that looks like you're having sex."

Violators will be removed from the dance floor and may be prohibited from participating in future dances.

"Kids express themselves differently these days. All you have to do is turn on YouTube and see Miley Cyrus," school district rep Courtney Schrieve told MyNorthwest.com. "And we just want them to know that at a school dance there's certain expectations about how you dance."

The concept of a "dance contract" appears to be catching on, with at least three high schools in Maryland handing out their own versions to students.

South River High School explicitly bans students from "twerking" [pdf] at its upcoming homecoming dance.

At Annapolis High School, students are also banned from making out or "simulating sexual activity."

"This, unfortunately, has become the norm. Some of this crazy dancing that makes others feel uncomfortable," Annapolis Principal Susan Chittim told the Capital Gazette. "Some kids feel left out because of the dancing that occurs."

Students, however, believe the contracts will ultimately do little to stop teens from being teens.

"Everyone still dances dirty," said senior Kate Gonsalves.

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