Let us now turn to the very latest scientific research regarding the topic: What up, girl? Hey.

Misandrist scientists tell us that, when in the presence of the fairer sex (women), heterosexual males may become—not to bombard you with excessive scientific jargon—"fucking idiot morons who think they're badasses all of a sudden." From the Wall Street Journal:

Sex-related cues like [being in the presence of women, looking at pictures of women, discussing sex with women—essentially seeing, saying, doing, or thinking anything that causes the concept of "WOMEN" to pop into the male mind] have been found to make men more prone to take risks while playing blackjack, to discount the future when making economic decisions and to spend on conspicuous luxury items (but not on mundane expenses). Typically, the effects are strongest in single men. By contrast, these studies uniformly report that cues about males have no such effects on women.

I'm shaking? So what? What, you think I'm flexing my muscles now? No. No. Not at all. My muscles always look like this. They pop out. Even when I'm totally relaxed, as I am now. Anyhow, hey girl. What's your name? Hey. Hey. You leaving now? Hey.

[Photo: Flickr]