Sean Eldridge Debuts Political Ad Campaign with Thankful Townies

The Facebook Alumni Association's top (or at least certainly most attractive) power couple now has a YouTube video to lean on, showing, in vibrant detail, how the couple will buy its way into the political favor of the Hudson Valley. Watch as local business owners thank Eldridge for giving them money—this is very Transparency 4.0.

Facebook Founder and Husband Hope to Buy Their Way to Congress

While original Facebook employee Chris Hughes is busy trying to restart The New Republic, his equally cherubic husband Sean Eldridge has a project of … Read…

Original post by Lacey Donohue on Gawker

Sean Eldridge, husband of Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes, debuted his first “why I’m running” for Congress ad in a tweet during the Emmys. The ad makes no mention of Hughes, Eldridge’s background at Freedom to Marry, or the fact that he bought his way into the 19th district.