A British man filed new allegations against director Bryan Singer and Broadway producer Gary Goddard, claiming the pair drugged and sexually assaulted him when he was a teenager.

The claimant, referred to only as John Doe No. 117, is represented by the same attorney as Michael Eagan, who filed a lawsuit against Singer with similar allegations in early April.

The man claims he met Goddard online when he was 14 years old. According to the suit, the pair began engaging in cyber sex and naked kissing when the plaintiff was 15. When he turned 16—the legal age of consent in England—Goddard gave him alcohol and the pair had sex.

The following year, the suit alleges, Goddard introduced the then-17-year-old to Singer at an after party for the UK premiere of Superman Returns. The accusations echo recent allegations against Singer and his group of friends:

At the after-party, the suit alleges that Singer offered the teenager a Quaalude, which the teenager rejected, according to the suit. In the bedroom of the hotel suite, where an "after" after-party was being held, Singer and Goddard, the suit says, "starting grabbing John Doe in a sexual manner." The teenager asked the men to stop. Goddard allegedly returned to the room with a "large, musclebound man" who began to smack the teenager around, according to the complaint.

When Singer removed his boxer shorts, the suit alleges, the teenager said, "I do not want to do that." According to the complaint, Singer told the teenager to sit on top of him and masturbate, that he wanted to the teenager to ejaculate on him. Singer attempted to anally penetrate the teenager. The next morning, according to the complaint, Singer contacted the teenager to apologize.

The suit tries to skirt issue of the British age of consent, which is 16, by accusing the pair of formulating their sexual plans in California, where the age of consent is 18. Federal law also apparently asserts 18 as the age of consent when traveling abroad for sexual purposes.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Singer has not yet been served with either suit. His attorney says the allegations are "totally untrue."

[image via AP]