Have you gone to the store yet? You're working from home, right? Do you have extra batteries even though you do not own any battery-powered devices? Well, Jesus, get on it, because the "crippling," "historic," big-ass blizzard of 2015 is coming fast and furious and your mother is only concerned because she loves you.

We'd like to read all the texts and emails your moms have sent you about disaster preparedness in the last 24 hours—please post them in the comments below. For starters, here are the loving reminders that Gawker Media staffers have received so far. From basic inquiries:

To advice from Al Roker:

To "I know you can barely hear this advice because it comes from me."

Even Gawker parents who currently reside in Florida have something to add.

Post your texts below, and please, stop messing around, the big one's coming!

[Photos via Gawker staffers]