An elderly couple in Stockholm, Sweden, faces charges of harassment after they allegedly blasted Iron Maiden tracks at full volume in an effort to exact revenge on a noisy neighbor.

After being forced to endure many sleepless nights due to a ceaseless "whistling sound" emanating from the direction of their neighbor's property, the husband and wife, who are 81 and 71, respectively, decided to give the whippersnapper "a taste of their own medicine."

They reportedly set up two speaker systems — one on the balcony and another in the basement — and pointed them toward their neighbor's home.

The couple then proceeded to blare Iron Maiden tunes at all hours of the night — sometimes as late at 4 AM.

It went on like this for months until the neighbor, having become "broken down" and on the verge of moving, finally called the cops.

Officers arrived to find the song "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" playing at "top volume," and charged the couple with harassment.

Incidentally, Iron Maiden is scheduled to tour Sweden in July. It is unknown at this time if their oldest fans plan to attend the concerts.

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