Dan Bilzerian, the king of Instagram, is known for a few things: playing high-stakes poker, buying his way into film roles, and posting photos of guns, cars, and women. On Thursday, he threw one of those women off a roof, aiming for a swimming pool. It didn't work out.

Bilzerian was participating in a Hustler shoot at his mansion when he suddenly decided to pick up 18-year-old model/porn star Janice Griffith, "cup [her] vagina," and hurl her headfirst from the roof into the pool, TMZ reports.

A strong man, Bilzerian, but not necessarily a bright one. His throw fell short, and Griffith broke her foot in the fall, causing her to miss another (presumably paying) shoot.


No charges are being pressed, but hopefully Bilzerian, the multimillionaire son of a Wall Street tycoon, compensated her for the injury and any missed work (and learned not to throw women off of buildings).

Update: Griffith told TMZ that Bilzerian never apologized for this mishap, and she's considering legal action because of the work she's missed due to the broken foot. She said the roof-throw happened during the shoot, but wouldn't go into any detail.


"It's not the best idea that we've ever had," she understated.

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