After a weekend of not-so-good things happening (namely, getting dragged out of a production of Cabaret in handcuffs), X17 Online reports that Shia LaBeouf has checked himself into "a celebrity-frequented treatment facility in Hollywood."

Apparently, X17's people tailed LaBeouf from his house to the rehab facility:

We followed the actor from his Hollywood Hills home, just an hour ago, to a private facility where other stars have sought treatment — driven by someone believed to be from the rehab facility. When the car arrived at the gated drive to the center, a nurse and security guard were there to great Shia. In fact, earlier in the day when we spotted Shia in his driveway, we noticed his was carrying the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Blue Book.

According to Radar Online, LaBeouf has been struggling with substance abuse issues for some time:

The actor admitted long ago to attending AA meetings as a child, accompanying his father. He managed to stay on the straight and narrow as a teen, crafting a promising film career, but after a 2007 arrest at a Walgreen's for what he admitted was "intoxicated" behavior, and a 2008 drunk driving arrest, it was clear he was developing issues of his own.

X17's photographer apparently gleaned a sense of remorse from LaBeouf's demeanor as he arrived at the rehab center: "Shia was nervous; he didn't look good all morning. He was looking down and wasn't even talking to his driver. It looked like he didn't want to do it, but he knew he had to."

[H/T Uproxx // Image via Getty]