Muhammed "Max" Maqsood fended off a machete-wielding masked bandit from robbing his convenience store in Sunderland, England last week with a metal shutter pole. The 63-year-old shop owner lost part of his middle finger in the battle and the accused attacker is at large.

According to security footage taken at Max and Sons convenience store last Saturday and released by police, the masked man enters the shop with a three-foot machete, demanding money. "He was telling me 'give me the money, give me the money' and he showed me the big knife," Maqsood told SWNS. That's when Maqsood apparently grabbed the metal pole from the behind the counter and two dueled.

"He got me three times, but I used the pole twice and got him once on the shoulder and he ran away. It was a shock and I've never done anything wrong to anybody," Maqsood told the UK's Mirror. The robber apparently fled the store without having stolen anything.

Detective Sergeant Nick Lawrance told the Daily Mail that police are currently searching for the man in the mask, and they've released the "clearly distressing" security footage in hopes of identifying him.