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A group of shoppers in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas felt compelled to smash the window of a Jeep after hearing cries from children inside. The children's mother had apparently locked her keys inside the car by accident. According to the Fox affiliate in Houston, the woman seen climbing through the broken car window in cell phone video from the scene is the mother—previous reports had erroneously stated that she had left the children in the car while she got a haircut.

From KRIV:

The images also show a woman who crawled through the chattered window. We later found out she was the mother of the kids, who minutes before had been in this postal center seeking help to rescue her kids.

The manager showed us surveillance video which shows the mom moments before with the kids by her side. We later see her leave with the two little ones but at 5:39 she comes back into the store without them.

"She came inside and was talking to her and I still didn't know what was going on, but used our phone and I don't know who she was calling, either 911," say Heidy Lopez, works at postal center.

Heidy tells us the mother explained she had locked the keys in her car. But while waiting and then making a call, the timer on the surveillance shows almost five minutes have passed, it wasn't until 5:44 that we see her run out the door.

Gabriel Del Valle recorded the group breaking into a woman's Jeep with his phone, telling KHOU that he heard the children crying out as he was leaving a store in the shopping center. "The kids were in there crying," he said. "I mean you would understand. It's real hot."

The police, KHOU reports, were never called to the scene.

[H/T Time // Video via KHOU]