As Missouri-resident Lynn Marie Herzog found out Sunday, it's not the best idea to threaten children playing in your neighborhood with a chainsaw while wearing a ski mask.

Herzog, 50, allegedly spent her Sunday morning screaming and cursing at neighbors – including young children— in her Winfield, Missouri neighborhood, all while wearing a ski mask and brandishing a chainsaw. Before she started screaming and shaking the saw, she had been removing a tree that fell during a recent storm.

“I come out of my door and hear her screaming at the kids. The boys start walking and she starts walking towards them with her skull mask and her chain saw, shaking it like she was going to hurt the kids,” [neighbor Patty] Fleming said.

Herzog accused the children of throwing rocks at her home. “I’m like, you’re an adult, if the kids are throwing rocks – number 1, they weren’t; you know, rocks versus a chain saw, come on,” Fleming said.

Another neighbor, Lesa Vossenkemper, had previously filed a protection order agains Herzog for threatening her disabled 28-year-old son. “Our son is so terrified of her, that he’s afraid she’s going to wind up in the house with him and do something to him…I’m tired of living in fear. She scares me. I don’t let a whole lot scare me but she does,” Vossenkemper said.

Herzog was charged with felony harassment of a child under 17. If convicted she faces four years in prison.

[via Daily Mail]

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