Manhattan residents have an odd tendency of thinking they are "better" than everyone else in their city, state, nation, and planet, just because they live in the borough "where it all happens," or some other falsehood that hasn't been true since Woody Allen's heyday. Sadly, they have a point.

From the NYT:

Since 1985, the life expectancy for Manhattan residents has increased more than that of any other county in the country, according to a new analysis, which attributed the increase to gentrification and to a healthier lifestyle.

It's finally happened: scientific proof that living among the restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, spas, and yoga studios of Manhattan— as opposed to, say, Brooklyn, or Mobile, Alabama— will actually give you more life. For fuck's sake. We'll never hear the end of this from those assholes now.

Being too expensive for anyone who can't afford a personal physician doesn't hurt either.

[NYT. Photo: Linus Henning/ Flickr]