You don't have to know anything about Ukranian Premier League soccer to appreciate the scary situation that went down in a match between Dnipro and Dynamo Kiev, in which a defender literally saved the opposing team captain's life.

While making a save Monday, Dnipro keeper Denys Boyko leapt into the air, colliding with Dynamo captain Oleg Gusev and knocking him unconscious with a knee. As play appeared to continue, the coverage camera panned back to the net, where Gusev was having a seizure.

Dnipro midfielder Jaba Kankava acted quickly, rolling Gusev onto his back and pulling his tongue out of his throat before he could swallow it.

At this point, Gusev regained consciousness, and both teams' players and medics rushed to help. He was carted off the field, fortunately alive.

"He sustained medium concussion, several bruises and a bruised jaw," Dynamo team doctor Leonid Myronov told the Guardian. "He is lucky to have such light injuries. His spine, skull and bones are all intact – no breaks or fractures.

Dnipro took the match 2-0 to pull into a tie for the league lead—as if it even matters after Kankava's sideline heroics. Dynamo was just happy not to have its captain die on the field.

"Human life is above all," read a message on the team's website.

Update: Many people have pointed out that doctors don't recommend putting objects—including your hand—into the mouth of someone having a seizure. The important thing Kankava did here was to roll Gusev over. More on proper seizure response in this New York Times piece.

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