Like, a big bunch. And it was apparently caught only because of some random, non-routine dragnet:

Foreign Policy's Gordon Lubold reports that the Defense Department's police decided last month to put extra scrutiny on all the civilian employees entering the Pentagon, just for a little while, and they turned up some cool contraband—knives, pipes, "expandable batons." Then there was that other guy:

But police also found an unnamed individual who allegedly was holding at least 25 grams of marijuana, just shy of an ounce...Why anyone would bring that much marijuana into the Pentagon is anyone's guess. Twenty-five grams would be considered by most people to be more than what an average marijuana user might consume for personal use.

How much weed is that, visually? This much:


The worst part, from the pot-guy's perspective anyway, is that

Under Pentagon screening rules, however, an individual can refuse to have their bags and person checked and simply not be admitted into the building. It's possible that the individual in question simply forgot they had a container of marijuana on their person.

Should've turned heel and taken a sick day, dude. The war can wait.

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