An east Las Vegas neighborhood is being haunted by a mysterious figure that leaves piles of decapitated chickens and pigeons carcases in the streets. Beyond the visage of rotting avian flesh, the stench, as locals and anyone familiar with animal decomposition would know, is not spring fresh.

"The first time I saw it, it was a large rooster," street cleaner Ryan Roskins told KLAS. "Everything else is there, feet, feathers. It's just decapitated."

As to who could be responsible for the dead birds, Roskins has an idea: "I actually think it must be voodoo," he said. But let's not jump to conclusions about our voodoo-practicing friends:

However, a West African priest says that may not be the case. He says people practicing the religion of Santeria or Ifa use animal sacrifices like chickens, pigeons or goats as a means of protection or as a way to cleanse the body.

"They might be wiping themselves with the bird, letting the blood and then having to discard the body," Ifa priest Duane Reece said.

Is that all? Carry on then.

[Image via KLAS]